What's a Playlist and how do I create one?

Creating a Playlist

Use the Media Library feature to add different mpg's or avi's to a playlist. A playlist is a customized list of the files that you want to watch consecutively, without calling up file after file. Actually, it is much more than that since a playlist enables you to group various media content together to be played in any order that you specify.

Playlists group media content and store the location of media content, whether the location is your computer, another computer on your network, or the Internet. Playlists typically have an .asx or .m3u file extension. When you play an item from a playlist, Windows Media Player accesses the file from its location and plays the file.

To create a playlist

  1. Click the Media Library feature.
  2. Click the New Playlist button. 
  3. In the New Playlist dialog box, type a logical, referential name for the playlist.
    Your new playlist is added to the My Playlists
    folder in the left pane.
  4. To add an item to a playlist, click the item in the right pane, and then click the Add to playlist button. 
  5. Click Add to name of playlist where name of playlist is the name you just typed.
    Click Playlists, select the playlist that you want, and then click OK.
    Note:  You can add as many files to your playlists as you want.
  6. After you've created a Playlist, you will need to export it to a file. Click on FILE/EXPORT PLAYLIST TO FILE. Place it in the folder with your mpg's or avi's with an apporpriate name.

The greatest feature of a playlist is that you can edit it directly with notepad. Here's what the files looks like in Notepad. You can just copy this and edit it with your info.

 <Asx Version = "3.0" > 

<Title>Title for the First One</Title>
<Param Name = "SourceURL" Value = "one.avi" />
<Ref href = "one.avi"/>

<Title>Title for the Second One</Title>
<Param Name = "SourceURL" Value = "second.mpg" />
<Ref href = "second.mpg"/>