Semester or Year-Long Study Abroad

At this time, the University of Dubuque sponsors only one semester abroad program, the Irish American Scholars program.  However, we strongly encourage and support your interest in study abroad for a semester or a year, and will be happy to help with your search and application process.  While you are studying abroad, we will keep in touch and will serve as your campus contact if you need anything.

The Business Education Initiative/Irish American Scholars Program is a reciprocal program operated with Queens University, Belfast, Northern Ireland. The Business Education Initiative is a program which brings students from Northern Ireland to study in the United States.  The Irish American Scholars Program waives tuition and fees for study at Queens University.  Twenty-five spaces are available each year; each participating American university is allowed to nominate two students for these competitive awards.  Applications are usually taken in early December.  


In the past three years, students from the University of Dubuque have studied in Belfast, London, and Sydney, Australia.  All of them are happy to share their experiences.  If you'd like to talk to someone with first-hand study abroad experience, contact the International Studies Office!

Here are just a few suggestions...for more ideas,
contact the International Studies Office:
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