Scholarships and Financial Aid for Study Abroad

Financial Aid for Study Abroad

An important reason for all financial aid is the principle of “equal access”.  All students, regardless of financial need, should have access to academic opportunity.  International study should not be excluded from this or seen as a “luxury”.  This said, the reality is that financial aid is not a limitless resource. 

 There are currently two categories of consideration for financial aid:

1.   Study abroad programs sponsored by the University of Dubuque:

This includes short term, interim, semester, or year-long academic programs created or supervised by University faculty, or collegial reciprocal arrangements such as the Business Education Initiative/Irish American Scholars Program. 

 Because you must register and pay University tuition to attend any of these programs, all of your financial aid package (Federal, state, institutional, and loans) will apply to this study.  If you are responsible for your own board and room, such as in the Irish American Scholars program in Belfast, the Business Office, the Financial Aid Office and the International Studies Office will work together to see that the board/room portion of your aid package is remitted to you.

2.  Other study abroad programs:

Guidelines for Federal (and most state) aid allow that aid to be used for study abroad as long as

  • the student is enrolled in a degree program                              at the home institution

  •  study abroad credit is approved for credit                        
    by the home institution

  • the study abroad classes are considered “full time”

Institutional aid (grants or scholarships from University of Dubuque funds) will not apply to these study abroad programs. 

There are a growing number of scholarships available for study abroad.  The academic and financial need requirements vary with each one.  We encourage you to use the following links to begin your search, and invite you to contact us for further help in your search. (To return to this site, you need only to close the link.)

The Freeman Awards for Study in Asia (Freeman-ASIA)
Awards of $3,000 to $7,000 (depending on length of study) to undergraduate students wishing to study in East and Southeast Asia.

The Gilman International Scholarship Program
Study Abroad Scholarships for students already receiving Pell grants     

The Fulbright Program
Offers postgraduate scholarships and postdoctoral teaching fellowships
for research and study abroad.

The Council on International Educational Exchange
CIEE offers scholarships for its own programs.

The Woodrow Wilson Fellowships
Scholarship programs for students, especially minorities, who are interested in international careers.

The Rotary Foundation
The Rotary Foundation provides the largest single US scholarship program for
study abroad.  Application must be through a local Rotary Club.

University of Minnesota International Study & Travel Center
The University has a free online database of scholarships.

Remember....advance planning is the key. 
Many applications are due a year or more
before you plan to study.

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