Survey of World Art II: Renaissance to Modern.
Study Slides from Midterm to Final
Final Exam: Thursday, April 29, 2010. In the classroom.
As announced in the syllabus. 12:15-1:20pm. Prof Alan Garfield. x3717

3-16-10: Tuesday. Neoclassicism

Neoclassical. David. Oath of Horatii. c. 1785. France.

Neoclassical. David. Death of Marat. c. 1793. France.

Neoclassical. David. Rape of the Sabine Women. c. 1799. France.


3-18-10: Thursday. Neoclassicism and Romanticism

Neoclassical. Ingres. Grand Odalisque. c. 1814. France.

Neoclassical. Ingres. Turkish Bath. c. 1814. France.

Romanticism. Gericault. Raft of the Medusa. c. 1819. France.

Romanticism. Delacroix. Liberty Leading the People (28th of July). c.1831. France.

3-23-10: Tuesday. Romanticism (Spain and England), Realism and Academic Art

Romanticism. Goya. 3rd of May, 1808.  c.1814. Spain.

Romanticism. Goya.Why.  c.1800. Spain.

Romanticism. Turner. Burning of the Houses of Lords and Commons.  c.1834. England.

Romanticism. Fuseli. The Nightmare. c.1800. England.

Realism. Courbet. Bonjour Monsieur Courbet. c.1850. France.

Realism. Courbet. Young Women from the Village. c.1850. French.

Academic. Cabanel. Birth of Venus. c.1863. France.

Academic. Bouguereau. Nut Gatherers. c.1870. France.

3-25-10: Thursday. Avant Garde Art (France)

Avant Garde. Manet. Olympia. c.1863. France.

Avant Garde. Manet. Dejeuner sur l’Herbe (Luncheon on the Grass). c.1863. France.

Avant Garde. Manet. Bar at the Folies-Bergere. c.1880. France.

Avant Garde. Manet. In the Conservatory. c.1880. France.

3-30-10: Tuesday. Impressionism (France) and Post Impressionism (The Netherlands)

Impressionism. Monet. Impression: Sunrise. c.1872. France.

Impressionism. Monet. Haystacks. c.1874. France.

Impressionism. Monet. Boating at Sainte Adresse. c.1874. France.

Post Impressionism. Van Gogh. Potato Eaters. c. 1888. Dutch.

4-1-10: Thursday. Post Impressionism (The Netherlands and France)

Post Impressionism. Van Gogh. Starry Night. c. 1888. Dutch.

Post Impressionism. Van Gogh. Self Portrait. c. 1888. Dutch.

Post Impressionism. Van Gogh. Artist’s Room. c. 1888. France.

Post Impressionism. Van Gogh. Crows in the Wheatfield. c. 1889. France.

Post Impressionism. Degas. Ballet Class. c. 1880. France.

Post Impressionism. Seurat. Sunday Afternoon on Island of Le Grand Jatte. c.1884. France.

4-6-10: Tuesday. Post Impressionism (France), Fauvism (France) and Blaue Reiter (Germany)

Post Impressionism. Cezanne. Mt. Ste. Victoire. c.1900. France.

Post Impressionism. Cezanne. Still Life. c.1900. France.

Post Impressionism. Matisse. Woman with a Green Stripe. c.1905. France.

Blaue Reiter. Marc. Fate of the Animals. c.1913. Germany

4-8-10: Thursday. Cubism and Dada

Cubism. Picasso. Ma Jolie. c.1910. France.

Cubism. Picasso. Night Fishing at Antibes. c.1939. France.

Dada. Duchamp. Fountain. c.1917. France.

Dada. Duchamp. LHOOQ. c.1917. France.

4-13-10: Tuesday. Dada

Dada. Duchamp. Fresh Widow. c.1920. France.

Dada. Leger. Ballet Mecanique (Mechanical Ballet). c.1920. France.

4-15-10: Thursday. Surrealism

Surrealism. Dali and Bunuel. Un Chien Andalou 
(Andalusian Dog) c.1928. Spain.

Surrealism. Dali. Persistence of Memory. c.1931. Spain.

Surrealism. Dali. Disappearing Bust of Voltaire. c.1940. Spain.

Surrealism. Dali. Hallucinogenic Toreador. c.1972. Spain.

4-20-10: Tuesday. Surrealism and Abstract Expressionism

Surrealism. Delvaux. Pygmalion. c.1939. Belgium.

Surrealism. Magritte. Human Condition. C. 1933. Belgium.

Abstract Expressionism. Pollock. Number One. c.1950. American.

Abstract Expressionism. Gottlieb. Blast. c.1950. American.

4-22-10: Thursday. Pop Art and Earth Art

Pop Art. Johns. Flag. 1955. American.

Pop Art, Warhol. Golden Marilyn. 1962. American.

Pop Art. Rosenquist. Marilyn. 1962. American.

Earth Art. Smithson. Spiral Jetty. 1970. American

Earth Art. Christo. Running Fence. 1976. American

4-27-10: Tuesday. Conceptual Art and Photorealism

Conceptual Art. Burden. Transfixed. 1974. American.

Photorealism. Chuck Close. Frank. 1980. American.

Photorealism. Audrey Flack. Strawberry Tart Supreme. 1970. American.

Photorealism. Hanson. Tourists. 1970. American.

That's it. Now study for the Final on Thursday, April 29, in class.