Jensen and Auntie
his fav. One year and
4 months! Everyday
a new trick and
Jensen comes to
  town, the sun

is play!
    Uncle Eliot     travels and works all
      over the US. But when he's back, he plays
     with Jensen and Jensen is a
bit nervous, beard and big and all.
But it's OK. Let's play!
I'm a big guy with Uncle Eliot really big.
I'm going to grow up big like my Uncle
– and wear a kilt too!

   Carly Jensen Meg cute, cute, cute.
    always a party when Carly's in town with Andy
Run the little guy around inside and out
He's familiar with his house in Dubuque
and his house in Iowa City. What a threesome!

    Jensen being cute. Jealous of the hair, right? always on the go and never resting. When he smiles, his whole faces smiles. Active and playing Running and exploring - a spitting image of Mama Meg

Family Picture is so rare to get everyone together, that when we are – POW. PICTURE TIME!
Phyllis, Eliot, Jensen & Meg, Chaim and Carly.
OK a bit cheesy but I just love family pics!
Multigenerational! And the old guy is there,
                taking the pic and writing the code.