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  Quick Guide to Creating a 360 Degree Panorama

  Step 1

Step 2

Step 3









Step 4

Create your jpgs. 8, 10 15, whatever. Then put them into a folder. Now you're ready to call up Photovista.

Copy the following 3 files into the folder. lpjpano.cab, lpjpano.zip, lpjpanoNS3.zip. Can be generated when you create your stiched jpg or can be found in the S:/shared/panorama folder.

Put this code into your HTML. Change parameters accordingly.

 <script language="JavaScript">
var browser = navigator.appName;
var version = parseFloat(navigator.appVersion);
if (browser == 'Netscape' && version < 4.0) {
document.write('<applet name="pano" code="pano.class" archive="lpjpanoNS3.zip" width=320 height=200>');
else {
document.write('<applet name="pano" code="pano.class" archive="lpjpano.zip" width=320 height=200>');
document.write('<param name=cabbase value="lpjpano.cab">');
document.write('<param name=file value="nameofjpg.ivr">');
document.write('<param name=initialView value="0.000000, 180.000005, 50.000001">');

Finally, you must have at least the following in your folder:
- the nameofyourimage.ivr
- the nameofyourimage.jpg
- the HTML file
- 3 files: lpjpano.cab, lpjpano.zip, lpjpanoNS3.zip  (right click on these, choose Save Target as... and make sure you save all 3 in the folder that you have your jpgs in.



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