How to Use OverLib, easily. Honest.
...Alan Garfield

This is an example of the use of HTML with the OverLib.js code. Here I want to highlight regular text and use OverLib to have loads of text on a word or phrase.

Part 1: create the HTML file

1.First, I have to put the following right after the body tag:

<div id="overDiv" style="WIDTH: 1px; POSITION: absolute; HEIGHT: 1px"></div>
<script language="JavaScript" src="overlib.js"></script>

2. Second, I use the following to highlight my text in the html document. Remember to copy the statement below onto NOTEPAD. Then pop it into your html code. Also, you have to increase the number in the array by one each time.

<A onmouseover="return overlib(INARRAY, 01, CAPARRAY, 01)" onmouseout=nd(); href="#01">the key phrase.</A>

"This is the example of the key phrase.

Part 2: The hard part...create the overlib.js file and organize it specifically.

1. Copy the overlib.js file here: overlib.js
2. Remember to list the highlighted words in the correct section and the definitions in the next section. And that's all there is. Rather simple.

Now for the example. I just typed the text I wanted. Then I went back to the text and inserted the statement in number 2. Of course, the overlib.js file is in Notepad. Now for the example. This is the the key phrase. I hope to have a second phrase.  A bit later I will add a third phrase. Finally, after all is said and done I will have a fourth phrase. And that's it.