Music in a Frame Help Page...

So, this is what you want to do: load a webpage and have music play in the background for the entire time someone is at the site - even though they might click to go to different pages within the site. Not intuitive, but easy enough.

Until 2002, you could do it the 'easy' way. The 'easy' way involves just one call to an mp3. End of story. All the files you need are in (except for the mp3 file).

With XP, the hoops got higher. A bit of a hassle. Take your mp3 into Premiere and create a .rm file. Then using notepad, create a full pointer with a .ram extension. It needs to be embedded into the metatags to work. But work it does. Check out the 'XP' way.
All the files you need are in (except for the rm file).