Magic Cube

1. Create 6 jpgs or gifs ALL square and the same size. Number them consecutively for ease of use.

2. Copy the following code with changes as you need:

<APPLET CODE="image3dcube.class" WIDTH=250 HEIGHT=250>
<param name="anglestep" value="1">
<PARAM name="background" value="000000">
<PARAM name="shadowcolor" value="000000">
<PARAM name="textcolor" value="FFFFFF">
<PARAM name="spotlight" value="no">
<PARAM name="showlightbutton" value="no">
<PARAM name="sleeptime" value="1">
<PARAM name="target" value="_self">
<PARAM name="mouseresponse" value="6">
<PARAM name="zoomspeed" value="5">
<PARAM name="image0" value="cube1.jpg">
<PARAM name="image1" value="cube2.jpg">
<PARAM name="image2" value="cube3.jpg">
<PARAM name="image3" value="cube4.jpg">
<PARAM name="image4" value="cube5.jpg">
<PARAM name="image5" value="cube6.jpg">
<PARAM name="url0" value="">
<PARAM name="url1" value="">
<PARAM name="url2" value="">
<PARAM name="url3" value="">
<PARAM name="url4" value="">
<PARAM name="url5" value="">

3. Don't have to have the image3dcube.class file