An Interactive Intro to the Dutch Language and Maastricht

... for students in the University of Dubuque's Maastricht Semester ...

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We're glad you're here to review some Dutch phrases.
6 Groeten / Greetings

  This is what you might call a 'crash' course in Dutch. Here are 6 greetings.
Click on the 'Play' button to hear the
correct Dutch (Maastrichten) pronunciation.
Slap-stick sometimes gets your point across.
Click on the 'Play' button to hear the word, Hello.

hallo / hello
Say 'Goodbye' to the Planet of the Apes.

tot ziens / goodbye
When the Vrijthof is crowded, 'excuse me' is a very useful word.

sorry / excuse me
On a rare 'sunny' day in Maastricht, greet the day with a bright 'Good Morning'.

goedemorgen / good morning
'Good Afternoon', as in 'Good Afternoon, care for some tea'. Weak, I know.

goedemiddag / good afternoon
And a 'Good Night' to you.

welterusten / good
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This feisty little statue is called The Spirit of Maastricht.