An Interactive Intro to the Dutch Language and Maastricht

... for students in the University of Dubuque's Maastricht Semester ...

Updated: November 23, 2003

Click here to review some Dutch phrases.

Begin at the beginning. Learn to speak one important phrase after another. This is Dutch that you will use everyday, so you might as well start now. As online language courses go, this isn't. But it will get you started.

In this introduction, you will become familiar with:
1. pronunciation
2. grammar
3. sentence structure

View of the city centre of Maastricht, the VVV (Tourist Center).

Click here to take an English/Dutch tour of Maastricht.

Your home will be the ideal European city, Maastricht. Here is where the Treaty of Maastricht (1992) was signed, where the EMU (euro) was proposed, and where the road to expansion with the EU was started.

Maastricht is home to spectacular medieval churches, Roman ruins, and a vibrant student culture.

Watch our:  "3 Minutes in Maastricht" Movie
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This feisty little statue is called The Spirit of Maastricht.