A r t   and   C u l t u r e   of   I t a l y
Spring Study Trip to Venice, Florence and Rome: March 1-9, 2007
Study/Tour Leaders: Chuck Barland (x3564), Phyllis Garfield (x3712), and Alan Garfield (x3717).

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Telephone Numbers: My British phone, if it works in Italy, is: 011.44.7936.210308.

March 2 - 4: Venice/Venezia. Hotel Ambra. Via Adige, 2/3. Quarto d'Altino. 011.39.0422.823300
March 4 - 7: Florence/Firenze. Hotel Universo. Piazza Santa Maria Novella, 20.
March 7 - 9: Rome/Roma. Hotel Max. Via Gioberti,30. 011.06.44703315