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Educational Games Readings

1. persuasive games
2. rise of serious games
3. good learning
4. Halo 3 and audience


New Show on the History of Gaming:
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In every type of popular media (literature, music, art, skate boarding), there is a traditional, if not canonical, relationship between theory and practice. Philosophy, film, jazz all began as "folk" genres which, once their cultural relevance had been proven, grew up and “matured”.

Such a cycle is currently underway in computer games. But this medium is still considered by some to be in its "infancy." I don't think so. The existence of this course and others like it in academe point to an evolution of a body of theory on computer games. This is exciting as it promises to broaden and deepen the discourse of the medium (we can start talking about something beyond blood/guts and explosions, for example.)

In addition, if history is any indicator, it will also have a positive influence on the practice of creating games and the kinds of people who will be employed in doing that kind of work, just as the development of film theory in the sixties and seventies did on the film; or modern art criticism had its affect on art from the 1860’s  to present.

Bill Gates signing one of the first copies of Halo 3.
THE BIG ONE - at $60 per

According to Reuters News Service, on Tuesday, September 25, 2007, Microsoft's "Halo 3" video game set an opening-day U.S. sales record of $170 million, outdoing any video game or movie debut in history, and importantly, giving the company's money-losing entertainment unit a strong boost toward profitability. Just for comparisons, "Halo 2" earned $125 million on the first day in 2004 and "Spider-Man 3" had an opening day of $59 million U.S.

  case studies
case studies

Student team case studies.
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Adam D, Derick F and Chris B Super Mario World SNES

Mike P, Mike S, Tyson C Ghost Recon 2

Brad L, Andrew S, Eric T
World of Warcraft

Jay G, Mark N, Tim W
Lost Planet Xtreme Condition

Tyler O, Jacob S, Luis D

Kyle G, Stephanie T, Alex C
God of War

Jimmy Y, Adam K

Nate L, Keigo N, Stefan P
Legend of Zelda

Austin K, Brent R, Rob S
Ultimate Alliance


Latest Gaming News

Alan Garfield's "Theory of Game Theory" Sept 7 as a 1.3 meg pdf

Alan Garfield's "Game Case Study Format" Sept 22 as a 150k pdf

Greg Holdener's "Rules and Boundaries, Feedback and Genres" Sept 22 as a 130k pdf

Jean Holdener's "Nature of Flash Gaming" Oct 6 as a 800k pdf

Alan Garfield's "In the Hot Seat: Entry Level Salaries in Gaming" Oct 13 as a 600k pdf

Paul Waelchli's "Educational Games" Oct 13 as a 3.5 meg pdf

Brad Kaldahl's "What Makes Games Work?" Oct 13 as an 800k pdf


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