e-Commerce Considerations: How to Select an E-Commerce Service
(The first step is talk with your client. What does your client want. Details.)

Wizard: A wizard that will take you from start to finish in the development of a fully operational Web storefront.

Templates: Choice of templates.

Import data: Ability to import catalog data is crucial because you don't want to waste time.

Payment options: Multiple ways to accept payment. VISA/MC and  PayPal. The ability to process credit cards directly.

Shipping: Automated and accurate shipping modules that tie in with the major shipping companies, such as USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL.

Marketing: Look for a provider that lets you build and use a mailing list. The ability to run promotions, such as gift certificates and coupons, and an affiliate program can also be important. Anything that will increase your exposure.

Tech support: Is support available when you need it?  You can't underestimate the value of picking up a phone and straightening out a problem instantly.

Web Store Providers:
Yahoo! Merchant Starter

This makes it easy to build and manage your Web store. And SiteBuilder 2.1 software is simple to use yet ­powerful.
Setup, $50; $39.95 a month

ProStores offers Web-site hosting with 5GB storage space, up to 50 e-mail boxes, and toll-free 24/7 tech support.
$29.95 per month


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