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Tyler Farrell, Alan Garfield,& Ann Pelelo

DNA of Articulate '06
Better to write for yourself and have no public,
than to write for the public and have no self.
–Cyril Connelly

Small publications are a labor of love for all those involved. They are serious and symbolic, wondrous and familiar. They hold the reasons for writing and artistic expression in their pages while also releasing the voice of the author and the vision of the artist. All art is shaped by the self and often cannot help but spill onto the page with words, images, sweat and tears. From thought to expression this publication can now link the self with the public and the artist with the community.

With the recent and outstanding growth of the University of Dubuque, the college’s literary magazine, Articulate, continues to grow into a source of expression for the community. It shows how students are interested in expressing themselves, in putting together a magazine that showcases the talents and hard work of the University students, staff and professors. With this, our second edition, Articulate has been revived with great strength and continues to be an arts magazine comprised of contributions from students and that are organized and evaluated by students. The words and visuals are an expression of the University of Dubuque’s character. The aim of Articulate is to “articulate” the vitality of a growing artistic world, and we hope that this publication accomplishes these goals for those who are now reading its pages.

We gratefully acknowledge the work of our editors: Janelle Bidne, Kristi Buhr, Jason Groth, Nick Swenson, and Emily Toth. We would also like to thank the Wendt Center for Character Education, Core Curriculum, Academic Affairs Office, Student Life Office, Nancy Koester, Sheila Sabers (Computer Graphics) and Dr. Edward Ortell, and University Relations for their support.

Finally, we would like to express our everlasting thanks to all the students who submitted literary and arts entries to Articulate. We look forward to receiving such strong and varied submissions in the future.

Tyler Ferrell, English Department
Alan Garfield, CGIM Department
Ann Pelelo, English Department
Faculty Advisors to Articulate
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Matthew Curoe

Emily Toth

Austin Kimler

Sarah Cable

James Mussman

Emily Toth

Austin Kimler

Jason Groth

The editorial staff of the Articulate, comprised of pundits in the areas of English and Computer Graphics/Interactive Media, appreciates your interest in these graphic and textual works by University of Dubuque students. Showcasing pieces from graphic design to prose gives a voice to the university's artists and writers who represent the diverse and talented student body that is essential in producing this magazine. We thank you for your support of the creative talents of these University of Dubuque students. In addition, we thank the artists and writers for their contributions. - Editors
Editors of Volume 2, Spring 2006:
Janelle Bidne
Kristi Buhr
Jason Groth
Nick Swenson
Emily Toth
We are grateful for financial support from:
CGIM Department
SGA (Student Government Association)

- First lines
"Bathed in mist..."
"They seem so shocked..."
"The tall stalks were the first thing..."
"I miss the hopeless romance found in..."
"From a third-story window..."
"She had just come back to school..."
"Petals caressing fractured tunes..."
"The day was as hot as hell, and I was..."
"as I lie here..."


Jennifer Neyens


Jennifer Neyens

Jennifer Neyens

Joseph Lueck

2006, Articulate: Art and Literary Magazine. University of Dubuque, Dubuque, Iowa USA