Travis Carton is a 20 year old CGIM Student at the University of Dubuque, Iowa. ┬áHe graduated from Bellevue High school which is located in the small town of the same name. His interests include 2d gaming, writing, drawing, and 3d modeling and design. He enjoys writing and editing videos for his YouTube channel and works alongside friends of his that still attend Bellevue High school to produce more content for his channel. Travis hopes to one day apply what he’s earned at the University in a career of either film editing or game design.

Q: What is it that fuels your work?

TC: Inspiration from other people really, I usually watch a lot of weird and creative videos on YouTube and other social media and then it just hits me at random and from there it’s fun to just dive into creating and editing the content.

Q: If you don't show your work often, do teachers know what you do outside of the classroom?

TC: I’ve usually spoken with them about problems with programs or if I need help with editing I’m sure to ask, but I like to have the ability to try and learn on my own because then I don’t feel like I’m under any pressure. When I have something I feel confident about I’ll spread the word to have friends or teachers look it over for critiquing

Q:Why are you interested in video games?

TC: They’re a form of art I relate to the most out of any graphics courses or paths. They tell a story and create entire worlds for the story to take place in which has inspired me to do the same either in writing or trying to design a game of my own, I really enjoy telling a story that people would enjoy themselves.

Q: Any advice for others interested in video games or editing?

TC: Just follow the industry, learn about the programs as best you can and make a lot of content. The best way is to make sure you have time to make content from your inspiration and keep working on that process so potential clients can see what you can do.

Recent Pieces

Below are the most recent pieces of Travis’s work. Travis likes to dabble in a little bit of everything from Photoshop and photography to machinima and other forms of editing. Over his classes his improvements will certainly herald better and more creative works.