I am a student at the University of Dubuque, in Dubuque, Iowa, earning a degree in Computer Graphics. I went to two different high schools, one in Lakenheath, England and the other in Hempstead High School at Dubuque. I lived overseas all my life in the Air Force and have traveled to over 18 different countries, including Washington State, Korea, Missouri, Italy, and England. I am interested in making my own Anime (Japanese cartoon) and Manga (Japanese comic) in the future.

My hobbies are: playing video games, drawing, hanging out with friends, naping, travel, and spending time with my boyfriend, Aric Nation.

If you want to contact me, please Email me.

Q: What made you come to University of Dubuque
SS: When I was still in high school, my sister Jessica, met with Bob Broshous to discuss about the computer graphics program at UD and how it is a really great and successful program.  After learning about the opportunities, I became interested in going with Jess.
Q: Why do you want to be an animator?
SS: I really love watching anime and reading mangas, and I love drawing and want to make my own anime and manga. I draw everyday and I never leave without my sketchbook. It's always with me no matter where I go.
Q: What inspired you to be an animator?
SS: For years I have been watching movies by my favorite animator, Hayao Miyazaki. You probably have heard of some of his movies. Howl's Moving Castle, Nausicaa, My NeighborTotoro, Princess Mononoke, and Ponyo are just a few of his works. Anyway, I just love all of his stories and how great his imagination is. He goes walking around Japan and he finds a place to sit and creates a story from the area he is visiting. Most of the places in his movies are based off of real places. What also makes his movies fantastic is that most of them hints at the negative effects of pollution. It is sad that he is retiring but his son is taking over the Studio Ghibli business.
Q: Do you like puppies?
SS: Yes

Recent Artwork

My artwork from school projects and personal projects: