Kellie Edland, student My name is Kellie Edland and I have been running my company Kellie's Pixels since may 2011. What I do is mainly web design, websites, but also photography and some other graphical work. I’ve been doing web design since my first year at upper secondary school, when I was 16 years old. I also got to learn alot about it when I was younger and my mother taught me quite a lot, and she was also the person who taught me the foundations of photography. I went to the technology programme at upper secondary school and I’ve taken courses in web design, web programming and photography at upper secondary level and at Medborgarskolan. At the present time I study my second semester of Computer Informations systems and Computer Graphics at University of Dubuque in Iowa, USA. I am a member and the treasurer of the photoclub, and I've been put on the Dean’s List both my semesters here.

Q: What inspired you to start your own business?
KE: Well, I had been doing some websites for dog kennels that my parents knew, and I love doing web design and web programming so it just felt like the obvious next step. I did it last year of high school when I was 19 and it served as my final project. It was a lot of fun.
Q: How did you get into web design?
KE: I owe it all to my mother, really. She tried teaching me some when I was really young- I don't know, maybe 12 or something? And I had my own little website but it was too much for me at that age, so I didn't really stick to it. After that I did some small tests on blogs online and also for my band I was in, but my interest didn't really get serious until first year of high school. I had the option to take a web design class instead of a third language, so I did. And it worked out great.
Q: So, what are your plans for the future?
KE: I obviously want to graduate from the University of Dubuque, and maybe take a semester abroad. I also want to take advantage of the year of work I have here in the U.S. before I need to go back to Sweden. What I want to do is work in a web design related environment and do what I love. Who knows, maybe I'll expand my own business and make it a big company? That would be amazing.

Recent Work

Kellie's Pixels's work. These are volunteer work or paid work in either Sweden or the U.S. I've done work for friends through my family and also for other clients connecting with me through Google Ads.