Colton Haning grew up in the small town of Pella, Iowa. He began his interest in the arts at an early age and continued to push his life in the direction of learning these arts. Highschool classes were based around the fine arts and he slowly took his artistic learning to the realm of digital graphics. The University of Dubuque was later discovered to hold a major specifically designed for the graphic arts. Colton registered in a fairly quick manner and began his learning path immediately. He is currently attending UD and has been enrolled in many different classes involving the graphic arts.

Q: What is your primary motivator for your work?

CH: Honeslty most of my motivation comes from ideas I get out of the blue and need to get out of my head. I have these creative moments that get stuck in my head like a festering headache which I have to get out in some sort of medium. The idea of being able to make money from producing these ideas in the future is also a bit of motivation.

Q:What sort of mediums do you tend to use and which are your favorites?

CH: I find nearly every sort of medium can hold at least a little enjoyment. Just being able to get ideas out and into an artform becomes a rewarding experience in itself. Digital forms of mediums as well as photography, however, tend to be my primary go to's.

Q: What kind of jobs do you strive for?

CH: While its hard to truly predict what industry will work best for my skillset and where I may end up, I do have a final goal in mind. Being a 3D animator is the true end goal but the many other options available to me don't seem to harsh either.

Recent Photos

Colton Haning took many photos over the course of his trip to Spain in 2013.