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Hello and Welcome to my new Profile Website
I am Tony Kennedy

I am an undergraduate student at University of Dubuque.

My focus in the area of computer graphics is Web design and 3D Modeling.

Ever since I was in kindergarten I loved drawing, looking at cool art and making stuff such as model cars and Gundam models.

When I was in 3rd grade I was put into a special class for artistically gifted children and was introduced to AutoCad drawing and we were asked to draw out the layout of our homes to be printed as blueprints that we would keep and take home.

I was in the Marine Corps immediately after graduation from high school and enlisted to become Combat Engineer. I was in the service for 8 years and served over seas 3 times.

Even during the time I was in the military and oveseas to other countries, I still found time to doodle something about things I like, loved, missed or saw.

Q: Why did you major in CGIM?
I was always interested in creating art, and I also am comfortable with the programs and love creating things on a computer.

Q: What do you do outside of school?
Play disc golf, shoot pool and go out and enjoy life with friends and or family.

Q: What motivates you?
Family, I have to strive for a stable future for my kids and my future relationship.

Q: Plans for the future?
To stay around Dubuque for about a year and then move to a bigger city for bigger opportunities. Then around five years down the road from that I will do the same thing again.