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Web Design Tips
Generic Portfolio       Zip
Background Web Slide Show      Zip
Easy Portfolio 3      Zip
Easy Portfolio 2      Zip
Articulate Form      Zip
Responsive Slideshow     Zip
Link2BackgroundImage   Zip
Responsive 1 Template    Zip
Text Expander
Create a Sitemap
Easy Rotator Slideshow
Project One Example
Responsive auto stretch     images.    zip
Highslide.js for a thumbnail based slide
Simple mobile detection.
Simple CSS menu
CSS menu w js
menu changingimages abov
menu changingimages belo
css links and header
scrolling images on header
how to create mobile html
mobile template 1
mobile template 2
html ascii characters
css buttons easy peasy
final steps in making a
         mobile html site
liquid site
scroll left/right

Spring 2014 Web Design I - Tips
10 Steps to Create a Website

Spring 2014 Web Design I Students
Travis Carton Portfolio
Kellie Edland Portfolio
Dustin Elsbernd Portfolio
Michael Granados Portfolio
Ethan Hall Portfolio
Colton Haning Portfolio
Ian Hartstack Portfolio
Conner Hirt Portfolio
Amanda Iburg Portfolio
Tony Kennedy Portfolio
Trent Lawson Portfolio
Aric Nation Portfolio
Alex Paulsen Portfolio
Samantha Serd Portfolio

Spring 2014 Senior Seminar
William Burdick
Dustin Elsbernd
Steven Kagemann
Aric Nation
Jaime Neuhaus
Alexander Paulsen
Valerie Vorwald

Video Game Concept 1
Video Game Concept 2
Architecture Concept 3
SketchUp Concepts
SketchUp Edges
SketchUp PushPull
3D PDF Notre Dame


Survey World Art Study Slides

Art and Culture Classes:
Art and Culture of England JTerm
  2012 Itinerary
Art and Culture of Germany/Austria
  Fall 2011, Berlin Wall
Art and Culture of Ireland Spr 2011
  Final Itinerary    Music
Art and Culture of Spain/France
  JTerm 2011 Jan 11-18 Itinerary
Art and Culture of The Netherlands and Belgium Fall 2010 Nov 19-27.
Art and Culture of Italy Spr2010
  Itinerary   Art Quiz, Feb 24
Art and Culture of London
  Quiz on Slides: Sept 23
Art & Culture of Greece Spr 2009
  Greece Pics
Art and Culture Ireland Fall 2008
Germany Austria Spring 2008
London/Paris Fall 2007 Images
London/Paris: Fall 07
Game Theory

CGWorld Mags
SIGGRAPH August 12, 2008
SIGGRAPH August 13, 2008
CG World Sept 08 5Meg pdf
CG World March 08 4Meg pdf
CG World Feb 08 4Meg pdf
CG World Jan 08 4Meg pdf
CG World Dec 07 4Meg pdf
CG World Sept 07 5Meg pdf

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